New version for WoT 8.10 is available: 1.0.5! For detailed changes please go to the Changelog section.

Source code is now available for developers on Github! Fork, develop, pull and enjoy the new features! ;)

Note: Original map pack will be no longer supported after version 1.1.0. I will remove it from the program, because of the bad image resolutions in the WoT client.

What's this?

This is a tactical planning tool (like Advanced Tactical Center) but specifically for World of Tanks players! You can load any maps of WoT, then draw your tactic with tools like in paint. If you want to animate every tank movements in real time then just add some tanks and drag them to the position what you want. Any further animations will be made by the Tactic Planner! Make tactics, share them and the others will (re)play them. Try it out, it's FREE!


Version 1.0.5: DOWNLOAD

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Version 1.0.5 (portable): DOWNLOAD

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Sample tactic download (for version 0.9.*, 1.0.*): DOWNLOAD

This program has been made for those who plays CW (Clan Wars) a lot and plan actively tactics for a better landing. With this tool you don't just draw a tactic - like in Paint :) - you can also animate the tank movements in time: from the beginning of the battle to the end.



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